About me

I remember when i was 6 years old and came with my mum to the supermarket. I was looking around and while seeing the people around me i started to think:

” So, i am a child and i am at school. I will grow up and i will change to another school. I will grow even more and i will have a job, i will become married and i will also have a kid.”  And i clearly remember to question: ” Is that it? Is that what life is about?!”

At that time some weird feeling entered my Heart. I think that was my first wake up call.

So i grew up and changed schools. Didn’t get married nor had kids. And the same weird feeling started to come again and again to my Heart.  That early feeling brought me to search for answers about who I really Am. With each pain more of what I was not was released and more Heart I became.

In meditation and yoga i found the stillness and the main tools that i need to embrace this journey. Each time i close my eyes and get in touch with the void within, my world expands, an ocean of infinite possibilities is shown to me, and the will of sharing all of this fulfills my Heart.

Since i started my studies as a massage therapist in 2003, my work is focused on massage and energy healing. I work with different massages techniques, not only in Portugal but also in other countries. Actually i grew up with my father being an Umbanda medium, an Afro Brazilian tradition that works with the incorporation of beings of light and spirits of nature. Therefore dealing with the energy world that is invisible to the eye was natural to me.

The will to innerstand more about my true self led me to the practice of yoga and meditation. In a self-taught process I found the “path back home” within meditation.

My first teacher was Yogananda – after reading his book “Autobiography of a yogi” in 2005, I started to follow his teachings and did my initiation in Krya yoga. The teachings of Guruji opened my heart toe discover the Divine energy that exists in everything.

In 2008 i opened a meditation center in Porto, Portugal where we gather to study the lessons from Yogananda. That year I received my second Reiki attunement, a great channel was opened in me and my journey into the energy realm had truly begun – my existence started to have a new meaning and the cleaning and releasing process started within, on each day more pain and more of what I was not was embraced and released and a great innerstanding of my own process allowed me to innerstand the people who were coming to me. Suddenly my massage got a new dimension and I started to channel information that could help others to tune into their own process and Inspire people to reconnect with the Eternal Being, the timeless being that we are!

The journey is still going on and with each lesson a remembrance of my I AM PRESENCE is activated and so the commitment in honour the path and to be a clean channel for consciousness to be expressed. Ready to share and to surrender. With open arms and open Heart i align my will with the Divine will and i embrace my path to flow in life, to inspire and be inspired by those who I meet on the way!

Ahhh!!! How wonderful is the feeling when we choose  to be guided by the Heart and live our truth!



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