Healing Massage

The Healing Nature of the Sound

Creating a safety space for healing through Massage, Energy Healing and Sound Healing frequency, this healing massage will restore your Body – Mind – Soul connectioin and help you to synchronize with your own nature.

This 2h Session includes:

Deep Tissue massage on back, neck and shoulders – We will be triggering some points that might be connected with somatize emotions and bring them into awareness to be released.

Energy Healing – With the energy healing we move the energy that iss blocked in the subtil body, creating a clean space within for the energy to flow.

Sound Healing – With the activation of sacred sounds through voice and with the healing Vibration of the Didgeridoo we will tune you into a new frequency. Those sounds will work on a celular level cleaning, restoring, reparing and adjusting diferent aspects of yourself and promote a deep Healing on your Energy System.

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