Curare – Healing Retreat (EN)

We welcome you in this Healing Portal! One week immerse in the nature where you will be guided in a journey of Purification and Reconnection!

10-April | 17 April
Quinta das Relvas – Branca – Aveiro – Portugal

Healing can be a natural and intrinsic process. In this way we designed this retreat for you to experience and integrate powerful Holistic techniques which are going to awake this inner process in each one of you.

We will take a journey, from movement to stillness, from cleaning your physical body to shaken your emotions, from sharing to silence, we will sit in ceremony to honour the elements, our ancestors and to consolidate and our intentions, so that each of us can embody the best version that we are ready to “Ins”perience” in this moment of our lives! And with our Heart full and grateful, we celebrate it!!!

What is included?

  • 6 Nights in a 2 bed shared Glamping Tend 
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner ( Delicious Nutritional food-a vegetarian menu prepared by a amazing team and composed by our nutritionist, reflecting the purpose of  detox and supporting the journey back to healing)
  • Practices that support our growth:
    • Yoga: Morning and evening restoration practices
    • Meditation: Non-Dual, Grounding and dynamic meditations
    • Movement Lab: Bio Dance, Ecstatic Dance, Group improvisation 
    • Connected Breathwork
    • Sound Healing
    • Ceremonies and energy circles
    • Journaling/Art therapy exercises
    • Yogic cleaning techniques (Kryias) – you will also receive some tools that you can take home to use in your daily practice
What is Kryia?

Kriyá is a Sanskrit, feminine term that comes from the root “kr” (to act), which in a literal translation means activity. In practice, they are potent techniques for purifying and cleansing the body. Each technique works on a defined area, promoting its internal cleaning, which contributes to the maintenance and preservation of health.

“The path of realization (sádhana) is often conceived as a path of purification (shodhana). Indeed, the process of kundalini ascension itself is understood as a progressive purification of the elements (bhúta) that make up the body – earth, water, fire, air and ether. This purification is called bhúta shuddhi, which, promoting the total cleansing of the organism, will allow the breath and pranic flows to circulate freely, which is indispensable for progress in practice. If we want to work our energy, we must first promote the clearing of its paths. And this is the goal of the Kriyas.” André de Rose

There are numerous kriyas. In this retreat we will learn to perform, among others, wet Kriyás, using water, the most abundant and natural element for our organism. So what are we going to clean up?

CHAKSHU DHAUTI (eye cleaning)-NETI (cleansing the nostrils and maxillary sinus)

Hrd DHAUTI (heart cleansing)

JALA DHAUTI (cleansing the esophagus and stomach)

SHANKA PRAKSHALÀNA (cleansing the entire digestive tract)

500€ ( Until 20th February)
625€ (After 20th February)
About the facilitators

Inês Pombal & Mayatiita

Inês Pombal

“My name is Inês Pombal. I’m Human, Mother, Vegetarian, Yoguini, Aquarian, Holistic Therapist and a multitude of many more things that I get know and harmonize every day! Basically I’m Love!
And what I Am, gradually became a mission, to heal and help  wakening Hearts. At a professional level, this path manifested itself in different areas:

-Nutrition (graduated in 2005), Acupuncture and Massage (graduated in 2011), from which I got the basis for  constant learning of what the physical body really is, understanding how it works, how  we get sick, how we heal, and, above all,how we can preserve our health;

– Yoga (since 2000),  Reiki (since 2008), were the bridge to my inside, the entrance to reach the subtle bodies and to  reach Genuine connection. And thereafter, I never ceased do pratice, learn and teach them…

– and other healing and self-discovery techniques with plants (Phytotherapy, Aromatherapy), sound/vibration, dance… 

In each of them I pursuit something that my Heart requested and, in that process, I discovered that I could learn, apply and share all this knowledge about the Being. The journey still go on, and I keep on learning… I try to live in truth and harmony with myself  and in co-operation with everyone I come across, so that, all together, little by little, we can know and Heal ourselves, living, more and more, in joy and connection, making this world a place of Sharing, Love and Light.”

Mayatiita Devi

Mayatiita Devi is a a gifted healer with clairsentience from Rio de Janeiro. She grew up with her father being an Umbanda medium, an Afro-Brazilian tradition that works with the incorporation of Beings of Light and the Spirits of Nature. Therefore, dealing with the energy world that is invisible for the eye was natural for her. The will to understand more about her true self led her to the practice of yoga and meditation. In a self-taught process she found the “path back home” within meditation. Mayatiita has travelled around the world sharing herself through holistic bodywork and energy healing as well holding space and facilitate ceremonies to inspire people to share their hearts´ truth. You can read more about Mayatiita in the ” About me” Section on this website.


Quinta das Relvas

Calçada das Relvas, 3850-503

Branca, Portugal

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